Your question: What is the weight of a Cat 312 excavator?

Maximum Operating Weight 33080 lbs (15,005 kg)
Minimum Operating Weight 29770 lbs (13,504 kg)
Operating Weight 33080 lbs (15,005 kg)

How big is a Cat 312 excavator?

Caterpillar 312

Caterpillar crawler excavator
Length transport: (mm) 7610
Height cab: (mm) 2900
Height transport: (mm) 2650
Body width: (mm) 2550

How much does a 310 CAT excavator weigh?


Operating Weight 22451 lb 10182 kg
Minimum Operating Weight with Cab* 21170 lb 9601 kg
Maximum Operating Weight with Cab** 22451 lb 10182 kg

How much oil does a CAT 310 pump hold?

6105 crankcase oil (2.5 gallons)

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