Where are Link Belt excavators manufactured?

LBX Company is located in Lexington, Kentucky. Our machines are also purpose-built for the forestry, scrap, demolition and material handling industries.

Those Quantum’s are good machines, like any machine that old they are only as good as they were maintained. The only issue you will find with parts for it is price.

Link belts are simple, made of separate links that are a twist fit together to get any particular size needed. … They also are more flexible in general than are V belts, and they do not take a set over time. Vibration may not be a real ogre breathing over your shoulder, but it does reduce accuracy in working with wood.

Link Belt Excavators (LBX) was a joint venture between Case & Sumitomo. In May of 2010, Sumitomo announced they had purchased the Case share of the joint venture and 100% owned Link Belt excavators.

Link-Belt or Link Belt may refer to: A linked-belt drive, a type of chain drive. Link-Belt Cranes, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Construction Machinery Co. Link Belt station, a SEPTA railway station in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania.

Where are Case excavators made?

The CASE Construction Equipment manufacturing facility in Burlington, U.S.A. and the CNH Industrial agricultural equipment plant in Harbin, China have both achieved Bronze status in the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) program.

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