What is the smallest Bobcat excavator?

The Bobcat® E20 compact excavator (mini excavator) delivers impressive performance in tight areas with minimal repositioning. Hydraulically retract the undercarriage to only 39 inches to travel through gates or between homes, then expand to 54 inches for a wider footprint and greater performance.

What are the different sizes of Bobcat mini excavators?

Compact Excavators

  • Bobcat E10 Compact Excavator. Weight: 2,593 lb.
  • Bobcat E20 Compact Excavator. Weight: 4,306 lb.
  • Bobcat E26 Compact Excavator. Weight: 6,489 lb.
  • Bobcat E32 Compact Excavator. …
  • Bobcat E35 (25 hp) Compact Excavator. …
  • Bobcat E35 (33 hp) Compact Excavator. …
  • Bobcat E42 Compact Excavator. …
  • Bobcat E50 Compact Excavator.

How much is a new Bobcat mini excavator?

Here is a general pricing guide to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for your Bobcat mini excavator: A new 2018 Bobcat 418 has an average cost between $20,000 and $30,000. A new 2018 Bobcat E26 has an average cost between $28,000 and $35,000.

What is the best mini excavator to buy?

The hottest mini excavators on the market

  • The hottest mini excavators on the market.
  • Takeuchi TB216H mini excavator.
  • Kubota U55-4 mini excavator.
  • Bobcat E50 mini excavator.
  • Caterpillar 301.8 mini excavator.
  • Kubota KX040-4 mini excavator.
  • Sunward SWE18UB mini excavator.
  • Agrison ME850 mini excavator.
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How deep can a bobcat dig?

The Bobcat E42 and E50 excavators are the first in the R2 series. The E42 Bobcat mini excavator offers 42.6 horsepower, and has a maximum reach of 17.6 feet. Maximum dig depth is 10.4 feet. The E50 offers 49.7 horsepower, has a maximum reach of 19.3 feet, and a maximum dig depth of 11.4 feet.

Who makes the biggest mini excavator?

The Tier 4 Final CX60C is the largest and most powerful mini excavator CASE has ever produced. Weighing in at six metric tons and with best-in-class horsepower, it features a short radius tailswing design and adjustable boom that allow it to work in close quarters while providing digging forces of nearly 9,200 lb.

How deep can a mini excavator dig?

A 4,000- to 6,000-pound mini excavator can dig a 10-foot-deep hole. Larger 10,000- to 12,000-pound mini excavators allow dig depths as deep as 14 feet.

Are Bobcats dangerous?

Bobcat attacks on humans are unlikely, as they are timid and solitary animals that do not typically initiate contact with people. However, the pests are still dangerous. It is not always immediately obvious when they are in the vicinity, which makes accidental encounters possible.

How much clearance does a Bobcat need?

Power and weight:The Bobcat 324’s engine delivers 13.9 HP (vs. 10.2 HP for the 418), and has a rated lift capacity of up to 1,032 lbs. (vs.


Make Kubota
Width to Outside of Tracks 3.2 ft in 980 mm
Ground Clearance 1.4 ft in 412 mm
Tail Swing Radius 3.5 ft in 1068 mm
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