What is the shape of a brick and a road roller?

(b) Shape of a brick is cuboid. (c) Shape of a match box is cuboid. (d) Shape of a road-roller is cylinder.

What is a shape of a sweet laddu?

We know that laddu is sweet and its shape is spherical, it’s a common sweet and has a common shape too so in general we can say laddu has a spherical shape.

What shape is a your instrument box B a brick C a match box?

Solid cuboid a solid cuboid or a cuboid or a cuboidal region in the part of space bounded by the xis faces of a cuboid.

What is the weight of road roller?

Product Description

1 Weight in KG 8500 Kg
2 Engine TATA S-1210/1612
3 Centrifugal Force 8.5 TON
4 Gearbox TATA 40 No.

How many shapes of brick are there?

The shapes of brick may be circular, square, rectangular or any other shape in cross-section.

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