What is the antonym for excavate?

bury entomb
inhume inter

What is the synonym of excavate?

delve. verbdig into task, action. burrow. dig. dredge.

What is the antonym for grind?

Antonyms of GRIND

entertainment, relaxation, leisure, lounging, loafing, decompression, sport, goldbricking, inactivity, amusement, rest, fun, inertia, slacker, ease, dormancy, play, goof-off, recreation, lowbrow, idleness, underachiever, repose, goldbrick, lolling, inertness, diversion, dalliance.

What is an antonym for ravages?

ravageverb. Antonyms: spare, conserve, preserve, indemnify. Synonyms: spoil, devastate, despoil, destroy, desolate, ransack, waste, ruin, overrun, plunder.

What does it mean to excavate someone?

1 : to form a cavity or hole in. 2 : to form by hollowing out. 3 : to dig out and remove. 4 : to expose to view by or as if by digging away a covering excavate the remains of a temple.

What is the base word of excavation?

Excavation is the act or process of digging, especially when something specific is being removed from the ground. … The Latin source of excavation is excavationem, “a hollowing out,” from excavare, “to hollow out,” with its roots of ex-, “out,” and cavare, “to hollow.”

What do you mean by exertion?

: the act or an instance of exerting especially : a laborious or perceptible effort.

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What’s another word for work hard?

What is another word for work hard?

apply oneself be assiduous
laborUS labourUK
persevere strive
struggle toil
try hard be attentive

Is grinded a word?

(video games) Simple past tense and past participle of grind. I grinded for experience before I took on the boss. (nonstandard) Simple past tense and past participle of grind.

What is a starkly mean?

Starkly is defined as done in a strict, sharp or bleak way. An example of something done starkly is a tree without branches painted in a snow-covered field. adverb. In a stark manner; with great contrast. The dark mountains stood out starkly against the pale sky.

What is the opposite of innuendo?

Opposite of a derogatory hint or reference to a person or thing. evidence. proof. affirmation. confirmation.

What is the opposite of quack?

quack. Antonyms: dupe, gull, victim. Synonyms: empiric, mountebank, charlatan, imposter, pretender, humbug.

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