What is a wooden trencher bowl?

In the Middle Ages a “trencher” was a hunk of old bread –stale and hard. … At the end of the meal the trencher was frequently given as alms to the poor. Later on the dough bowl began to have more of a rounded shape with usually a flat bottom directly in the center so the bowl would be stable.

What is a trencher bowl?

A trencher (from Old French tranchier; “to cut”) is a type of tableware, commonly used in medieval cuisine. A trencher was originally a flat round of bread used as a plate, upon which the food could be placed to eat.

Why are they called dough bowls?

The bowls to which I am referring, commonly called “Dough Bowls,” are always handcarved from one piece of wood. … The ingredients were mixed and kneaded into dough in the bowl, then covered with a cloth and left to rise. Wooden bowls were preferred as the wood held the heat generated by the fermentation of the yeast.

What was a trencher food?

Trencher, originally a thick slice of bread, used as a primitive form of plate for eating and for slicing meat (hence its derivation from “trancher”—to cut, or carve), but by the 14th century a square or circular wooden plate of rough workmanship.

What is a vintage trencher?

This is such a gorgeous, decorative wood trencher, sometimes called a dough bowl. … Hand carved and heavy, from the mid to later 19th century, the wood has aged and mellowed over the centuries.

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Are dough bowl candles safe?

How safe are Dough Bowl Candles? As with all candles, our Dough Bowls are safe to burn as long as you are aware of and follow the Federal Warnings and burning instructions that are included with all of our candles and wax melts.

Can you proof bread in a wooden bowl?

Wood is an ideal material for storing dough. Unlike stainless steel and ceramics, it does not retain cold, which inhibits proofing. Wood also absorbs excess moisture – notice how bread proofed in stainless steel develops a wet, shiny surface.

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