What is a walk behind trencher?

Walk-behind trenchers range from mini trenchers designed for applications such as installing irrigation lines and dog fencing, to larger models capable of digging 3 feet into the ground. … This trencher utilizes a load-sensing hydraulic valve to adjust the trenching wheel speed to the load on the digging chain.

What is a ditch trencher?

noun. a worker whose occupation is digging ditches, especially with pick and shovel. a person engaged in exhausting manual work, especially work that requires little or no originality. Also called ditcher, trencher.

Do you push or pull a trencher?

Remember to always pull the trencher towards you rather than pushing it forward. Use both hands on the trencher’s handles to guide it.

How fast does a walk-behind trencher work?

With a “ground saw” I can dig 70′ of 13″ trench in about 10-15 minutes. With a self-propelled walk-behind trencher I can dig 70′ of 24″ trench in about the same time.

How big of a trencher do I need?

A good rule of thumb: A walk-behind trencher will work best up to a depth of 48 inches and a width of 8 inches. Weighing these factors can save you time and money on the job.

Can a trencher cut through tree roots?

Avoid using a trencher to cut through large tree roots if possible since larger roots increase the likelihood of problems with the cut. Although a trencher can be used to cut through roots, it was designed for creating trenches in soil and may not be able to handle large roots.

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Will a trencher cut through gravel driveway?

Yes, the trencher will cut gravel and leave a nice slot for the conduit.

Can you use an edger as a trencher?

An edger can be used as a trencher, but you won’t get the best operational efficiency. Specifically, your depth will be very limited, and the whole project will take longer to complete. However, it’s possible to convert an old edger into a mini makeshift trencher.

Can you use a trencher in mud?

Always dig a trench from the trench’s side, even if the trench is wide enough for you to walk inside it. Muddy soil compacts more easily than dry soil. … A trench shovel has a long, narrow blade that easily fits inside a narrow trench.

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