What are the safety precautions in excavation work?

What are the rules of excavation?

OSHA requires employers to provide ladders, steps, ramps, or other safe means of egress for workers working in trench excavations 4 feet (1.22 meters) or deeper. The means of egress must be located so as not to require workers to travel more than 25 feet (7.62 meters) laterally within the trench.

What is the main hazard when working in an excavation?

Every year people are killed or seriously injured by collapses and falling materials while working in excavations. They are at risk from: Excavations collapsing and burying or injuring people working in them; material falling from the sides into any excavation; and.

What are two safety concerns regarding excavation work?

Here are some of the dangers brought by excavations:

  • The collapse of the sides of the excavation.
  • Materials falling onto people.
  • Falls, either people or vehicles.
  • Nearby structures collapsing into the excavation.
  • Electrocution, explosion, gas leak, or flooding, caused by damage to underground services.

What is the primary concern for excavation?

The main hazards associated with excavation work include: Surface encumbrances. Excavation collapse. Loose rock or soil.

What you should do before you begin an excavation?

What you should do before you begin an excavation?

  • Identify the soil type(s) related to the excavation or trench you are going to dig. …
  • Look for the legislative requirements that apply in your jurisdiction and the type of protective measures to be taken.
  • Locate all buried services.
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What are the effects of excavation?

The hazards and risks are usually:

People and vehicles falling into the excavation. The undermining of nearby structures causing their collapse into the excavation. Damage to underground services during excavation work causing electrocution, explosion, gas escape, flooding etc. Ingress of water causing flooding.

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