Question: How do you fuel a satisfactory truck?

How do you put fuel in a truck satisfactory?

Dedicated fueling stations

Build a train station near the coal node. Set it to “Load” and connect both inputs. For each train station pair that lacks its own fuel source, build a dedicated station to receive coal. Set this station to “Unload” and connect the output to the fueling port of the other station.

How do you automate a satisfactory vehicle?

Automated vehicle paths

To setup autopilot: use the vehicle menu (holding V while driving) to record a path. When recording, way-points (displayed as blue triangles) are placed periodically along the vehicle path. The recorded waypoints imply multiple vehicles could run the same path.

How much fuel does a fuel generator use satisfactory?

Consumes Fuel to generate electricity for the power grid. Has a Pipe input so the Fuel supply can be automated. Caution: Always generates at the set clockspeed. Shuts down if fuel requirements are not met.

Liquid Biofuel (750 MJ/m3)

Clock speed Burn time (sec) Fluid per minute
250% 2.47 24.32 m3

Where can you get satisfactory?

Co-op factory-building game Satisfactory is now available in Early Access on the Epic Store. It’ll stop you a bit short of completing the full game for now—Coffee Stain will be making bug fixes and improvements before adding the later building tiers as it completes its early access roadmap.

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How much coal does a coal generator use satisfactory Update 3?

Generators per Coal node

Coal burn time is four seconds, which means that a single Coal Generator consumes 15 Coal/min.

How do you get water in satisfactory?

Water is essential in Satisfactory, becoming a vital part of energy generation and the production of some late-game items. To get water, you will need a water extractor and a source of water. The water extractor will unlock at HUB upgrade Tier 3, but finding the water will take more manual effort.

What can I do with fuel satisfactory?

Fuel can be used to generate power or packaged to be used as fuel for Vehicles or the Jetpack.

How do I get more power in satisfactory?

As you progress in the game, you will be able to build standalone Biomass generators which will increase your power production and effective ways of supplying electricity i.e using Coal. There are several types of generators that you can build for producing electricity in Satisfactory.

Does oil run out satisfactory?

Crude Oil is a semi-rare mid-game resource found in the world. It is refined in Refineries into Plastic, Rubber and Fuel, whilst producing the Heavy Oil Residue and Polymer Resin byproducts.

Resource acquisition.

Node purity m3/min at 100% m3/min at 250%
Pure 120 300
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