How much does a CAT 305 excavator weight?

An extremely popular option among operators across America. The 305 weighs in around 11,700 lbs. making it a powerful piece of machinery with enough muscle to do some serious digging.

How much does a CAT 302 excavator weight?


Operating Weight 4987 lb 2262 kg
Minimum Operating Weight with Cab* 4535 lb 2057 kW
Note (1) *Minimum Weight is based on rubber tracks, operator, fixed undercarriage and full fuel tank. *Minimum Weight is based on rubber tracks, operator, fixed undercarriage and full fuel tank.

How much does a 304 mini excavator weigh?

Operating weight 4800 kg 10,582 lb with canopy Operating weight 4920 kg 10,844 lb with cab • Weight with counterweight, rubber tracks, bucket, operator, full fuel and auxiliary lines.

How tall is a Cat 308?

Dimensions – Long Stick

Dig Depth 182.8 in 4643 mm
Maximum Dig Height 277.1 in 7039 mm
Maximum Blade Height 14.6 in 370 mm
Track Belt/Shoe Width 17.7 in 450 mm
Cab Height 100 in 2541 mm

What does a 301.5 cat weigh?

Cat 301.5 Specification

MODEL 3003
OPERATING WEIGHT 3688.3 lb 1673 kg
FUEL CAPACITY 5.8 gal 22 L

What do mini excavators weigh?

Compare Compact Excavator Models

Model Net Power Operating Weight
35G Compact Excavator Net Power 17.4 kW (23.3 hp) Operating Weight 3,690 kg (8,135 lb.)
50G Compact Excavator Net Power 26.8 kW (35.9 hp) Operating Weight 4,920 kg (10,847 lb.)
60G Compact Excavator Net Power 39.6 kW (53 hp) Operating Weight 6,180 kg (13,620 lb.)
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How much is a new CAT mini excavator?

One of the smallest models, a CAT 301.6C weighing 3,549 pounds with 18 horsepower, starts at $33,000 to $37,000. This is a basic model with no custom features. Instead of a full cab, it has a canopy over the operator compartment. A mid-size model, the CAT 303.5D with 30 horsepower, starts at around $48,000.

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