How heavy is a tandem dump truck?

For a regular tandem dump truck, having 3 axles and spanning 22 ft, the limit for the gross weight is 52,500 lbs. If you add a pusher axle, it now has 4 axles, even though the overall span remains 22 feet. And commensurately, the allowance has also increased to 56,500 lbs.

How many tons is a tandem dump truck?

The average tandem-axle dump truck is limited to about 13 tons of payload each trip, in accordance with the federal bridge law as well as most state bridge laws.

Can you put a W900 hood on a T800?

AModelCat Road Train Member. You can typically spec a W900 and T800 with more or less the same options. The main difference is that T800’s are a setback steer axle, which helps with manouverability.

How much can a Super 10 carry?

For specialized hauling and dumping. Super Ten Wheel Dump Trucks have a capacity of 10-12 cubic yards, or approximately 15 tons. Each Ten Wheeler is equipped with automatic tarps designed to keep the load in the truck and not on someone else’s windshield.

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