Frequent question: How do you put a thumb on a excavator?

Can you put a thumb on an excavator?

Excavators can complete many different tasks, depending on the attachments paired with them. A thumb on a mini excavator can make it a versatile tool in construction, landscaping or recycling. A thumb, also known as a clamp, is a vital excavator attachment that can add productivity and flexibility.

What is a hydraulic thumb on excavator?

With an AMI Attachments Hydraulic Thumb, your excavator goes from digging to complete material handling. A Hydraulic Thumb makes it easier to pick, hold and move awkward material such as rocks, concrete, branches, and debris that does not fit into the bucket.

How much does it cost to add a thumb to an excavator?

$6500 will get you a very capable hydraulic thumb if you have aux hydraulics. That’s what it cost me for the thumb and materials, it took me and another guy about 2 days to build and install.

What is a mechanical thumb?

“Mechanical thumbs are fixed in one position and the bucket must curl against it,” he points out. “Most mechanical thumbs have three manually adjusted positions. A hydraulic thumb has a greater range of motion and allows the operator to control it from the cab.”

What is a thumb bucket?

Thumb and bucket work together to grab, pick and sort a variety of materials. The thumb can work with the bucket to help retain and move the load. When not in use, the thumb folds back against the stick and out of the way.

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How do you use the thumb on a Kubota kx121 3?

To operate the thumb on this machine you have to press the middle button on the display panel to activate the service port. Then use the rocker switch on your hand control to move thumb open and closed. If it doesnt work, be sure the light is on next to the activation button.

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