Best answer: What are trenchers?

What are trenchers called in English?

trencher in American English

(ˈtrɛntʃər ) noun. a person who digs trenches.

What is a Rockwheel?

A rock wheel is a powerful excavating tool that is designed to work in hard digging applications where a trencher wouldn’t do the job as efficiently.

What is a vintage trencher?

This is such a gorgeous, decorative wood trencher, sometimes called a dough bowl. … Hand carved and heavy, from the mid to later 19th century, the wood has aged and mellowed over the centuries.

How do you use trencher in a sentence?

Trencher sentence example

  1. She was irritated to see Sirian’s trencher empty. …
  2. The trencher consists of a mechanical trencher with an over center slip clutch. …
  3. Research mark trencher to forget those an impact on consultant in the. …
  4. Graduates other than Doctors: black cloth trencher cap with black tassel.

What is the meaning of trancher?

décider) to be decisive. (entre deux choses) to settle the argument. 2. (= contraster) trancher avec to contrast sharply with.

Can you use an edger as a trencher?

An edger can be used as a trencher, but you won’t get the best operational efficiency. Specifically, your depth will be very limited, and the whole project will take longer to complete. However, it’s possible to convert an old edger into a mini makeshift trencher.

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How fast do trenchers work?

With a “ground saw” I can dig 70′ of 13″ trench in about 10-15 minutes. With a self-propelled walk-behind trencher I can dig 70′ of 24″ trench in about the same time.

Can you use a trencher to dig a ditch?

When it comes to digging, a trencher can dig a trench that’s 4 feet wide and up to 36 inches deep. Use these step-by-step instructions to easily dig a hole in no time with the right equipment.

What is a drum cutter?

A drum cutter is an attachment where rotating drums equipped with picks, strategically positioned around the outer diameter, are rotated by a hydraulic motor at several hundred revolutions per minute to cut rock, concrete or frozen ground.

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