Are Kobelco excavators any good?

Are Kobelco Diggers good?

The Kobelco SK210LC-10 excavator is an extremely well balanced machine with the long tracks just perfect for a general contractor. … While I was working I realised I’d have to go a long way to find something as comfortable as this machine. I also liked its speed, smoothness of operation and effortless controls.

Are Kobelco mini excavators any good?

While with Kobelco, their excavators are high quality, however some parts and components are sourced elsewhere. This may not be a huge deal, but it’s worth pointing out for any future maintenance or breakdown servicing requirements.

What engines do Kobelco use?

The Kobelco SK270SR is one of the excavator models which will use a Yanmar engine. Kobelco Construction Machinery USA announces it has secured engine supply agreements with two of its existing engine providers to enable continued production of its machines in North America.

Does Kobelco Make Case excavators?

Case mini-excavators are now made by Kobelco, as are NH’s; the old NH line used to be Schaeff (Terex) machines.

Where is Volvo heavy made?

Volvo CE has production facilities in the United States, Brazil, Scotland, Sweden, France, Germany, Poland, India, China, Russia and South Korea. Volvo CE sells machines under three brands: Volvo, SDLG and Terex Trucks.

What is the best mini digger to buy?

Best Mini Excavators: The Top 5 for 2017

  1. Bobcat E32i 14 Compact. Weight: 7,183lbs. …
  2. The Caterpillar 301.5 Mini Hydraulic. Weight: 3,687lbs. …
  3. John Deere OG Compact. Weight: 10,560 pounds. …
  4. The Kubota Ultra-Compact K008-3. Weight: 2,200lbs. …
  5. Takeuchi TB216 Compact. Weight: 3,902 lbs.
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How good are mini excavators?

These highly versatile machines provide surprising power and maximum maneuverability. Excavators, which can weigh 30,000 or 40,000 pounds or more, are the behemoths of construction sites and deliver maximum digging power. But their smaller siblings, mini excavators, make up for in versatility what they lack in size.

How many hours does a excavator last?


Mini-excavators typically offer a similar average lifespan of around 10,000 hours. For both excavators and mini-excavators, you’ll want to pay special attention to the undercarriage wear and the condition of the tracks.

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