What do you call a semi truck without a trailer?

A semi-truck is in “bobtail” mode when it does not have a trailer attached. Truck drivers often drive a bobtail truck when they are on their way to pick up their cargo at the beginning of a shift, or after dropping their cargo off at the end.

Is semi or semi pronounced?

I’m happy for anyone to point me to an official and recognized Dictionary where it is explained semi can be pronounced both sem-EE and sem-AY.

How fast can a bobtail go?

California’s 55mph limit applies to all vehicles when towing (yeah, right…see pickups hauling boats out to the river doing 80 ALL the time with no worries from the CHP) and all trucks with 3 axles or more. So unless your bobtail is a single axle, drive 55.

What does Bobtailing mean?

Bobtailing is when a semi-truck operates without a trailer attached to the truck cab. Bobtailing can be dangerous because a semi-truck cab is not designed to be operated without the weight of the attached trailer.

How many pounds can a semi-truck haul?

By law, single-axle semis can haul up to 20,000 pounds. A double-axle semi, also called a tandem axle, can haul up to 34,000 pounds. These limits include the freight and trailer weight combined.

What is one of the most dangerous areas around a truck?

If you stay in those blind spots, you block the trucker’s ability to take evasive action to avoid a dangerous situation. A truck’s blind spots are called No Zones. A No Zone is the area around the trucks where your car is no longer visible or you are so close that the truck can’t stop or maneuver safely.

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