Quick Answer: Where is the flatbed truck in GTA 5?

Map Locations (Spawn Areas) Here is where to find the Flatbed in GTA Online, GTA V Story Mode: Nothern part of Great Ocean Highway, Port of Los Santos.

Can you use the Flatbed tow truck in GTA 5?

The Flatbed is a flatbed truck. This vehicle will not tow other vehicles. However if you can get a vehicle on the back and keep it there it is possible to carry one. … This vehicle is non-storeable in garages.

Is the hauler custom worth it?

The custom hauler has much better handling and a much better stopping distance than the Phantom. The windows are also more bullet resistant in the Hauler from what I can tell. The only real benefit to the Phantom is the fact you can use sticky bombs while driving it.

Which is better hauler or phantom?

From experience with the base vehicles, the hauler has more torque, but the phantom has a higher top speed. Dunno if it remains so for the MOC variants. And of course, one is more protected. When in fear, drop a gear and disappear.

How many missiles can the hauler custom take?

The Hauler Custom can take the following: 12 rockets from a Rocket Launcher. 34 missiles from a Homing Launcher.

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Can you customize a semi in GTA 5?

Answer: You cannot modify or sell vehicles that are obtainable by Pegasus, certain emergency vehicles such as police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks. …

How many missiles can the MOC take?

Although the size of the MOC will be an easy target for attackers, the cab and trailer are very resistant to damage. The cab is tied with the Avenger for the heaviest armoured vehicle in the game, with the cab being able to take 24 RPG rockets to it, with max armour and if a player is inside the cab.

Is the hauler custom bulletproof?

They have the same acceleration, top speed and armor. The windows are not bullet proof and the bars on the Hauler do not block bullets. There is one difference between the two but you need to decide for yourself it that is really worth the money.

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