How often do you change oil on a semi truck?

The average oil change interval for a truck is about 25,000 miles. When comparing how often an oil change would be needed for your truck, there has been a significant increase in how long drivers can travel before needing to arrange for maintenance in more recent years.

How often does a semi need maintenance?

The most frequent maintenance your truck will need is an oil change and a battery service. Regardless of usage, you should have your battery serviced every six months.

Semi Truck Service Intervals.

Normal – Heavy Duty Severe Duty
Battery Service 6 months 6 months
3-Axle Alignment Every 12 months Every 12 months

How many quarts of oil does a semi truck take?

Semi truck engines have 12+ gears, as opposed to the 4 to 5 found in passenger cars. The engines inside semi trucks can hold about 15+ gallons of oil compared to the 4 to 6 quarts held by passenger car engines.

Do diesel trucks cost more to maintain?

Diesel trucks cost more to maintain than their gasoline counterparts. … Diesel engines have parts that gasoline engines don’t have, and require more regular servicing. In addition, they have higher overall parts costs.

Why do diesel engines require more oil?

Diesel Design and Engineering

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The crankshaft, camshaft and cylinder heads are all much larger. Internally, diesel engines have much larger bearing sizes which means more oil clearance. More oil lubricating the parts equals less wear. Diesel engines also have a much larger oil capacity.

Should I buy a diesel truck or gas?

Is diesel better than gas? While diesel trucks tend to offer more torque, more towing power, higher gas mileage, and longer-lasting performance, gas trucks are generally lighter, faster, and better at handling heavy payloads. Ultimately, your choice will depend completely on your needs.

What kind of oil does a semi truck use?

For most purposes , Truck oil of 15W-40 is used, since the trucks are in operation 8 to 12 hours per day (or shift), and this puts a high strain on the oil to be used. This is the reason that most commercial trucks are on a 3 month oil change interval.

How much does it cost to grease a semi truck?

Full service (oil change, grease/lube, filer change will run $300, more for synthetic. Regular oil rwill run 15k before change. Once monthly or twice every 3 months . Dealers & good reputable shops charge $100–150/hour shop rates.

What is the best oil for semi trucks?

10 Best Semi Truck Engine Oils

  • Shell Rotella. Shell Rotella – 550050319 Gas Truck Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil for Pickups. …
  • Shell Rotella T. Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil. …
  • FOXWELL. …
  • 17% off. …
  • Sinopec. …
  • Shell Rotella T. …
  • Mobil delvac. …
  • Mobil 1.
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