How much does it cost to build a flatbed for a truck?

How much does it cost to install a flatbed?

Most new flatbed trucks cost anywhere from $40,000 to $80,000. Medium-duty trucks with fewer features fall on the low end of that price range while heavy-duty trucks with lots of upgrades fall on the higher end. If you have your own Flat Bed and need installation, we charge $650 for installation.

Are Flat bed trucks cheaper?

Surprisingly, flatbed stake-side trucks are much cheaper than the same-year used pickup. There is a high resale value on pickups because of the demand. The resale on the used medium-duty truck is much lower due to the lower demand.

Should I put a flatbed on my truck?

So, if you want to get a lot of items from point A to point B (ideally in one trip), then a flatbed truck is for you. You may also want to choose a flatbed truck if you have to regularly haul heavy loads. … When your cargo items are too heavy for traditional trucks, go with a flatbed.

Why do people put flatbeds on trucks?

Flatbed trucks are often used for carrying oversized loads or products with unusual shapes. Even if your business doesn’t require you to move what might be considered generic hauling materials like crates or steel, flatbeds are essential in the world of towing, agriculture, or dumping.

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How long does it take to install a flatbed?

Installs can take anywhere from two hours to a couple of days, depending on the requests/requirements and potential complications. Bradford Built has multiple dealers who make an effort to keep flatbeds in stock. Here are the eight steps required to mount a flatbed to your truck.

How long is a short bed flatbed?

Bed Lengths:

Short bed trucks (6’6” approximate factory bed size), take a 7′ or 84” long bed. Long bed trucks (with an 8′ approximate factory bed size, excludes cab & chassis), take an 8’6” or 102” long bed.

Who makes the best flatbed?

Top Flatbed/Heavy Specialized Carriers

Rank 2019 Company Revenue (000)
Rank 2019 1 Landstar System 1,386,387
2019 2 Daseke Inc. 1,210,000
2019 3 PS Logistics 747,339
2019 4 Anderson Trucking Service 743,679
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