How long does a snowblower last?

Average lifespan of an average snowblower, with average care.. probably 15 to 25 years.. Original quality and level of care are the two most important factors.. the same model can last 10 or 50 years, depending on how its cared for..

When should I replace my snow blower?

The snow thrower should be tuned up every other year and the spark plug should be replaced each year. You don’t want the spark plug to fail with a lot of snow on the ground.

How long will a Toro snow blower last?

A quality brand name snow blower from Ariens, Honda, or Toro should last you at least 10 years. If you care for it properly, I see no reason why you can‘t get 20-30 years of good use out of it. Lower end snow blowers have lifespans that top out at 10 years.

Is it worth getting a snowblower?

If you live in a region that gets several feet of snow each year and you have a good-sized driveway and/or sidewalk/patio area, a snow blower that can handle six-inches or more of snow might be worth the investment, and your back will thank you later!

How much does it cost to clean a snowblower carburetor?

Depending on the extent of service that needs to be performed, this type of service typically costs around $50 to $99. If your carburetor needs to be replaced, it may run you between $100 and $175 total. Carburetor cleaning isn’t as complex an undertaking as you might imagine.

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Are Toro snow blowers any good?

The Toro Power Max HD snow blowers are heavy-duty machines. These snow blowers look big but are actually very easy to use. They are balanced very well and have excellent traction in all conditions. I have no problems recommending them to any person who can walk behind a snowblower and use both hands.

What time of year do snowblowers go on sale?

August, September, and early October are the best months to buy a snow blower, say experts such as Consumer Reports and Snow Blowers Direct. There are other times of the year when you can find bargains on snow blowers, but late summer/early fall offers the best balance of price and selection.

How do I service my snowblower?

Maintain Your Snow blower – 8 Things to Do Before the Snow Flies

  1. Change the Spark Plug. Disconnect the plug from the lead, and remove it with a wrench. …
  2. Inspect the Belts. …
  3. Give the Paddles Their Due. …
  4. Check the Shave Plate. …
  5. Flip the Skid Shoes. …
  6. See if the Shear Pins are Damaged. …
  7. Change the Oil. …
  8. Use Fresh Gas with Stabilizer.

Can a snowblower be too big?

Too Big: Bigger is not always better. Buying a snow blower that is too big can be a problem if you have a small backyard. Check the size and clearing path of the snow blower carefully before committing to one.

What is the best brand of snowblower?

The best overall snow blower is the Troy-Bilt 28 in. Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower (view at Home Depot), which is a powerful and reliable gas-powered snow blower that can tackle almost anything.

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