Do Toro snow blowers have shear pins?

Toro two-stage snowblowers do not use shear pins. The commercial-grade gear case makes the need for a shear pin unnecessary. If the auger hits an obstruction or is over-loaded with snow, the engine may shut off, so that you can remove the key, clear the obstruction safely with a stick and get back to work.

Where are the shear pins on a Toro snowblower?

The two bolts in the front augers of a Toro snowblower are not shear pins. They are simply there to attach the auger to the auger shaft. Toro also has to pins on the fan that can break from time to time.

How tight should snowblower shear pins be?

You want it tight enough to keep the2 parts from moving back and forth. But not so tight as to keep them from ever moving! Probably 20-30 ft-lb.

Should shear bolts be tight?

Oh yeah, a shear bolt should stay fairly tight. If it’s coming loose, even with a lock nut, just double nut it. It will not loosen. If it is coming loose it’s usually because of #1, which is allowing it to work back and forth in the hole.

Do Single stage snow blowers have shear pins?

Single stage walk-behind blowers with their forgiving rubber paddles used in lighter snow removal work will not have shear pins or bolts.

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What grade is a shear bolt?

Normally shear bolts are Grade 2 and there is no soft grade #5 as it is either a grade #5 or not.

What grade should shear bolt for bush hog?

A 1/2 x 3” Grade 2 shear bolt protects the gearbox and drive- line from damage. The 35 HP gearbox is designed for 540 RPM input speed giving the blades a 12,468 ft./min.

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