Your question: How much horsepower does it take to run a sickle bar mower?

HP wise a sickle bar doesn’t take much. A 9′ bar probably wouldn’t take more than 10 or 12 hp to run.

How many horsepower does it take to run a Haybine?

being sensible here– you need at least 50 hp + a tractor with good brakes to do the job safely. I run a 488 with a series 4 D17 Ac diesel loaded rear tires and still get pushed around some on the steep hills.

What is a sickle bar mower used for?

Steep Territory

Mounted on the side of a tractor, sickle bar mowers are designed to tilt upward to mow along steep banks while the tractor creeps along on level ground. The walk-behind models propel themselves up an incline and the big knobby tires and wide blade keeps them from tipping over on a hillside.

Are sickle bar mowers any good?

A sickle bar mower has a lower price tag and requires less power per foot of cut. If a cabless tractor is being used, the sickle bar mower is probably a much safer option. A sickle bar mower often leaves a cleaner cut field, especially in light crops, and is less prone to suck ash (dirt) into the swath or windrow.

How fast can you mow with a sickle mower?

IAhaymakr. Newer sickle machines, when properly maintained, will do a good job at 7 mph. Generally, a disc cutter can cut up to 15, if you like to go that fast, have the power, and aren’t afraid of flying thru the window if you hit a badger hole.

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Can you mow hay with a sickle mower?

Cutting hay with a sickle bar mower requires one very important requirement: the hay has to be dry from atmospheric moisture like rain or heavy dew. Waiting until mid-morning or early afternoon is the best time to begin cutting. The sickle mower should be either tractor mounted or self propelled for smaller hayfields.

How thick can a sickle mower cut?

Re: How thick will sickle mower cut? Yup, up to 2″x3″ saplings are no problem, but mow in first gear so you have control and allow the cutters to work. If the saplings are a hard wood and have begun to get woody, you may want to cut them first.

What is the best mower for hay?

If you have a very low power tractor of 15 horsepower or less, this option will really be your only choice. Though there are very small drum mowers, if you have an older compact utility tractor like a Kubota 5000 or 6000 series, a sickle bar mower will be your best bet.

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