Your question: How do you put a zero turn mower in neutral?

On a zero-turn mower, the engine is located behind you and the only thing in front of you are two steering levers. With the steering levers pulled together and over your lap, the mower will be in neutral. Pushing both levers forward will move the tractor forward and in a straight line.

How do you manually move a Toro Zero Turn mower?

Pushing the Machine by Hand

  1. Park the machine on a level surface and disengage the. blade control switch.
  2. Move the motion control levers outward to park. …
  3. Locate the bypass levers on the frame on both sides of. …
  4. Move the bypass levers forward through the key hole. …
  5. Move the motion control levers inward to the neutral.

Why does my hydrostatic transmission won’t move?

By far, the most common reason for hydrostatic transmission failure is old hydraulic fluid. John Deere states that “Operating outside of the recommended oil air temperature range may cause premature hydrostatic transmission failure.” Oil must be changed when its anti-foam additive decays.

How do you adjust the speed on a zero turn mower?

Pull the throttle handle back to the middle position between the green rabbit and turtle icons. The speed of the mower may now be adjusted by moving the throttle position forward or backward. The rabbit icon represents faster speed; the turtle represents slower speed.

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How do you push the simplicity on a zero turn mower?


  1. Disengage the PTO and turn the engine off.
  2. Push the transmission release (A, Figure 6) in and. push down to lock into released position.
  3. The tractor can now be pushed by hand.

Can you tow a zero turn mower?

Some zero turn mowers are somewhat limited and won’t tow anything. In fact, their manufacturers expressly warn against any attempts to make it pull attachments and will cancel the warranty, meaning you might face a huge repair bill if things go wrong.

How much is a gravely ZT HD 60?

Effortless control at an accessible price point makes the Gravely ZT HD 60 Zero Turn Mower with 60 inches of cutting width the best zero-turn machine for detailing your residential property like a pro.

Gravely ZT HD 60 Zero Turn Mower (Kawasaki)

Product price $5,799.00
Order total: $5,799.00

How do you troubleshoot a Toro Zero Turn mower?

How to Troubleshoot a Toro Zero Turn

  1. Reduce the ground speed if the engine overheats. …
  2. Sit on the seat if the engine won’t turn over. …
  3. Clean the Toro zero-turn mower deck if the cutting is uneven. …
  4. Check the belts if the blades don’t rotate. …
  5. Install a new belt if necessary.
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