You asked: What size mower belt do I need?

There’s no standard size for a 42-inch-cut riding mower. Each model uses a different size belt. To give examples, some models use a drive belt that is ½ inch wide by 92 inches in length, while others use a belt ½ inch wide by 85 inches in length.

What size belt does a 42 inch deck take?

MTD Deck Belt fits 42″ Cut Decks No.

Size: 5/8″ x 83-3/4″. Replaces # 954-0472 & 754-0472.

What size belt do I need for a 48 inch deck?

Husqvarna Deck Drive Belt fits 48″ Cut Decks No.

Size: 5/8″ x 152″.

What is the difference between a deck belt and drive belt?

deck belts usually last about 1/2 the time a drive belt does they also get more debris around the pulleys and take much more punishment than drive belts.

What are belt sizes?

The general rule for measuring a man’s belt size is to take your pant size and add 2 inches. For example, if you wear a size 34 pant, we recommend a size 36 belt.

Are all 42 mower decks the same?

Lawnmower decks are largely interchangeable. Engines will swap without issue, however, blades and drive systems may differ.

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What is a mower deck belt?

A mower deck belt is a rubber belt on the inside of a lawnmower that allows a lawnmower’s moving parts to work. If you are replacing an existing mower belt, measure the old belt to determine the size that the new belt should be.

How do you stretch a lawn mower belt?

How to Stretch a V-Belt

  1. Power down the system you’re working with. …
  2. Remove any part of the system that is blocking you from accessing the V-belt. …
  3. Slip your fingers or another object on the underside of the belt. …
  4. Pull the stretched belt away from the system to remove it. …
  5. Stretch out the new V-belt with your hands.

What size belt goes on a Craftsman 42 inch deck?

174883. AYP / Craftsman / Sears Deck Drive Belt fits 42″ cut (2002-2003). Size: 5/8″ x 97″.

What size is a 30 belt?

Ladies Belt Sizing

30″ 77 S
32″ 82 S/M
34″ 87 M
36″ 92 M/L

Do push mowers have belts?

Step 13: Replace the lawn mower belt

Install the new push mower belt through the opening in the deck housing. Place the push mower belt in the engine pulley. While pulling the push mower belt from the transmission, slide it over the transmission pulley. Make sure the belt is fully seated in both mower pulleys.

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