Which crop is harvested on Pongal?

The four-day festival of Pongal is a celebration of the rice harvest period. Held after the winter solstice, it celebrates the return of longer days of life-giving sunlight.

Which crop is harvested on Makar Sankranti?

‘ This festival signifies the harvest of the season, since sugarcane is predominant in these parts. Ellu Bella, Ellu Unde, bananas, sugarcane, red berries, haldi and kumkum and small gift items useful in everyday lives are often exchanged among women in Karnataka.

Which crop is harvested on Vishu?

Vishu – The Day Of Worshiping Lord Krishna

This is an interesting harvest festival celebrated on the first day of Malayalee New Year. Women of the house prepare Vishukkani—varieties of traditional cuisine to offer to Gods—, with rice, golden lemon, golden cucumber, jackfruit, yellow konna flowers, and betel leaves.

Is Pongal religious festival?

Is Pongal a religious festival? Religious elements are certainly an integral part of Pongal celebrations. Worship of sun god is the principal activity on the first day of Pongal. People pay visit to their family deities on this day.

Why is mirror kept in Vishu Kani?

Mirror in Vishukani is a symbol of seeing yourself as a part of abundance you see in the form of Kani. The tradition is that elders light the lamps after waking up, then wakes up juniors in the family.

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Is Vishu a harvest festival?

Vishu is the harvest festival of Kerala observed on the first day of the Medam month (April-May) of the Malayalam almanac. Vishu festival is considered as the astrological New Year day of Keralites.

Is Vishu New Year?

Vishu or Vishu Kani, the marks the traditional Malayalam New Year and is celebrated by the people of Kerala. In the Malayalam Calendar, the New Year starts on the first day of Chingam. However people in the Malabar area consider Vishu as the astrological New Year.

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