Where are cherries harvested?

In the United States, most sweet cherries are grown in Washington, California, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Where are cherries mostly farmed in the world?

Turkey is the largest cherry producer in the world with 639,564 tonnes production per year. United States of America comes second with 312,430 tonnes yearly production. With 172,035 tonnes of production per year, Uzbekistan is the third largest producer of cherry.

What countries do cherries come from?

The 10 main producing countries are: Iran, the U.S.A., Turkey, Italy, Germany, Spain, Lebanon, Rumania, France and the Russian Federation. The U.S.A. Total production, acid and sweet cherries.

How many cherries should you eat a day?

Eating either sweet or tart cherries may help you get more and better sleep. Studies suggest that this effect of cherries happens within days. But you need to eat a lot of cherries — 25 sweet or about 100 tart cherries a day.

Who has the best cherries in the world?

The name Cherry also denotes the cherry tree which grows to a hight of 9 meters. Cherries are indigenous to Europe and Asia and have been introduced in other parts of the world.

The Leading Producers Of Cherries In The World.

Rank Country Production (in metric tons)
1 Turkey 480,748
2 United States 384,646
3 Iran 200,000
4 Italy 104,766
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