When should I replace my mower spindles?

When should I replace my mower spindle?

You can tell if a mower deck spindle is bad by noticing uneven cuts, squealing, and vibration. Having bent or broken parts is another way to know if the spindle is going out. As soon as you notice these signs, it is critical to discontinue use and change the spindle immediately.

How do you know if your lawn mower spindle is bad?

How to Tell if Mower Deck Spindle is Bad

  1. Uneven grass after cutting.
  2. Bent and broken parts.
  3. Squealing sounds.
  4. Loud buzzing noise and vibration.
  5. Spindle failing to heat up.

How long do lawn mower spindles last?

Member. The maintenance free spindles usually last about 2-3 years in commercial use.

What does a bad spindle sound like?

Buzzing Noises & Vibration

Similarly to the squealing, if the mower starts to make buzzing noises while mowing your grass, it probably means it has a bad spindle. Likewise, you’ll feel how the mower begins to vibrate out of nowhere.

Do mower spindles get hot?

The friction from the drive belt entering and leaving the pulleys can warm them up pretty quick. More load on the mower blades means more horsepower handled by the belt and pulleys which adds to the heat load, as will the heat from the spindle bearings under load.

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Why is my lawnmower rattling?

One of the more serious noises is a rattling sound, as this can signify that you have loose parts that might come dislodged. The minute you hear rattling, it is imperative that you tighten the blade, flywheel, and other parts.

Are all lawn mower spindles the same?

Spindle Basics

A riding mower may have one or more spindles, depending on the size of the mower and the way it is manufactured. You may have a problem with one or more spindles at the same time.

Do lawn mower spindles come greased?

The spindles on a riding or commercial walk-behind mower are attached to the cutting deck and work with the pulleys to turn the blades below the deck so grass can be cut. The rotating parts of the spindle must be greased periodically to maintain smooth operation, and prevent overheating and potential damage.

How much does it cost to fix a spindle?

The price, including labor, to replace a full set of spindles can range anywhere from $1,200 to $1,600.

Can you drive with a bad spindle?

Can you drive with a bad spindle? A bad ball joint or broken spindle can cause your vehicle’s tires to wear unevenly. If your car’s tires appear to have more tread left on the inside than the outside, you should check the ball joints and spindle, along with the rest of the suspension.

What causes a bent spindle?

This can occur during an auto accident, running over a curb, or even hitting a particularly deep pothole at higher speeds. The result is a bent axle. A badly bent axle will quickly cause damage to CV joints, and it’s possible to damage your wheel hubs, bearings and other components.

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