When did John Deere stop making snowmobiles?

1982: John Deere stopped producing snowmobiles in 1982 when they sold their business to another company – Polaris.

Who made the engines for John Deere snowmobiles?

Kioritz made engines for CCW, so they are the same. Kawasaki produced the John Deere-designed Fireburst engines. Comet first started making snowmobile clutches for John Deere. The 94C Duster clutch and the 102C clutch were developed exclusively for John Deere.

Why did Kawasaki stop making snowmobiles?

Kawasaki used the Sno-Jet name until 1977. It saw only limited success, and was unable to sustain its snowmobile business for much longer. With massive debt due to the market’s decline, Kawasaki ceased snowmobile production in 1982.

What happened Scorpion snowmobile?

In February, Trail-A-Sled, Inc. is sold to Fuqua Industries who later changes it’s name to Scorpion, Inc. The company claims to be the second largest Minnesota-based manufacturer of snowmobiles.

Does Suzuki make snowmobiles?

Suzuki has supplied Arctic Cat snowmobile engines since the 1976 model season, and a strong partner in the formation of Arctco as it rose from the ashes of Arctic Enterprises.

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