When did Ford tractors become blue?

An eye-catching grey & red color scheme was introduced with the Powermaster series. The color scheme in Britain had continued to be Blue & Orange until 1962 when the company standardized on a Blue & Grey for all production tractors both US & Britain built.

What color is a Ford 8N tractor?

That being said, there are three grays for Ford Tractors. The dark gray, the medium gray, and the light gray. The dark gray is for the 9N/2N; the medium gray is for the 8N, NAA, and Hundred Series; the light gray is for the Thousand Series.

Are Ford and New Holland the same?

Ford bought New Holland in 1985, and Fiat bought Ford New Holland in 1990. The Ford name on tractors soon became New Holland, but the blue color didn’t change.

What years did they make the Ford 8N tractor?

The Ford model 8N series of tractors were a popular utility tractor choice for farmers between the years 1947 and 1953. The tractor is sought after by antique dealers and those who desire to restore them.

What is the difference between a Ford 8N and 9N tractor?

For starts, the 8n tractors have a four speed transmission while the order 9n tractors had a three speed transmission. … This lets you control your speed and power a bit more. One way you can easily tell between 8n and 9n Ford tractors is if it has foot pegs.

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How many HP is a Ford 8N?

The 8N features a 23.22 belt horsepower with a 27.32 maximum. The tractor has 92 ft-lbs of torque, reached at 1,500 rpm.

What color is a New Holland tractor?

New Holland tractors are blue.

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