What was the biggest Oliver tractor made?

The 2255 could be considered an icon of this kind of change, as it was the most powerful production tractor to wear meadow green paint and to bear the name Oliver. The 2255 was introduced in the fall of 1972 as “New for 1973”.

How many horsepower is a 770 Oliver?

Oliver 770

Oliver 770 Power
PTO (claimed): 47 hp 35.0 kW
Drawbar (tested): 44.38 hp 33.1 kW
Belt (tested): 50.04 hp 37.3 kW
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What is the most valuable tractor?

Four Most Valuable Tractors Sold at Auction

  • 1913 Case Model 30-60. One of the rarest and most collectible tractors ever manufactured sold in September 2007 for a heart-stopping $400,000. …
  • 1988 John Deere 4450 Tractor. …
  • 1918 Huber Model 35-70.

How many horsepower is a 1850 Oliver tractor?

Oliver 1850

Oliver 1850 Power
Gas PTO (claimed): 92 hp 68.6 kW
Diesel PTO (claimed): 92 hp 68.6 kW
LP-gas PTO (claimed): 90 hp 67.1 kW
Drawbar (tested): 84.52 hp 63.0 kW

What happened to Oliver tractors?

acted as the parent company of the White Farm Equipment Company and continued to exist until the farm equipment division was sold to TIC in 1980, and the truck division was sold to Volvo in 1981. The last Oliver green tractor to roll off the assembly line bearing the Oliver name was in 1976 with the 2255 designation.

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Is Oliver 770 a good tractor?

Good solid tractor,very simple and easy to work on and good 6 cylinder engine that purrs like nothing else. You will probably like the wide front end for stability with a loader but the wide front takes a lot more space to turn than a narrow front.

How many horsepower is a 1550 Oliver tractor?

Oliver 1550

Oliver 1550 Power
Gas PTO (claimed): 53 hp 39.5 kW
Diesel PTO (claimed): 53 hp 39.5 kW
LP-gas PTO (claimed): 51 hp 38.0 kW
Drawbar (tested): 45.7 hp 34.1 kW
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