What size tractor will lift round bales?

If you want to move 5×5′ round bales, realistically you’re looking at a 5 series tractor. The size also makes them good for working in the woods, as they have great ground clearance and enough mass to remain more stable than some smaller tractors.

What size tractor do I need to lift round bales?

From my experience (and advice from others) 40hp is the minimum for handling round bales of that size with appropriate counter-weight. And, yes, that is for stacking 2 high (if you’re rig is at the 40hp ‘end’ of the spectrum).

How much horsepower does it take to lift a bale of hay?

Well-known member. we use an 85 hp JD for moving round bales. one on the front & one on the back. it’s tall enough to stack the bales 3-high in the barns.

How much horsepower does it take to run a round baler?

If you are buying a baler first, keep horsepower requirements in mind when pairing with a tractor. PTO horsepower requirements for round balers start at 30 hp and can run up to 120 hp. There are a couple of different options when it comes to bale size in balers.

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How much can a 20 hp tractor lift?

Sub-Compact tractors are the most popular size tractors sold in North America. These tractors are 4wd, 20-25 horsepower and weigh between 1,400 and 1,600 lbs (tractor only). Tractors in this class can operate most 4′ implements and have a loader lift capacity of less than 1,000 lb.

Can a 1025r move a round bale?

Round bales typically come either 4′ or 5′ wide and either 4′, 5′ or 6′ in diameter. A 4’x4′ round bale should weigh right about 575 lbs and can be moved with a 2023R. If you use a 3pt bale spear it shouldn’t be a problem to pick one up and drive it to where you need it.

Can a John Deere 3032e lift a round bale?

It’ll handle it. No problem. Use something for rear ballast so you don’t overload your front end.

Can a Kubota L3901 lift a round bale?

New member. Gillham Ar. Ya I would say that the L3901 is pretty much the same as the L3800 lift wise . And a round bale will be pushing it on the front .

Can a Ford 8n lift a round bale?

Well-known member. an 8n isnt stout enough to lift a round bale.as said it would rear the front end up.it might pull a 2 wheel hay dolly.

How much horsepower do you need to run a 4×5 round baler?

Requiring a minimum of only 40 PTO horsepower to operate, Roll-Belt 450 Utility balers are the perfect match for most tractors found on small farms.

Who makes the best round baler?

What is the best round baler for your farm?

  • John Deere 459 Round Baler. …
  • John Deere 469 Round Baler. …
  • John Deere 559 Round Baler. …
  • John Deere 569 Round Baler. …
  • John Deere 569 Silage Special Baler. …
  • John Deere 854 Silage Baler. …
  • John Deere 569 Premium Round Baler.
  • John Deere 469 Premium Round Baler.
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How much does a round baler cost?

For harvesting 4-foot-by-5-foot round bales, estimated new equipment costs are $25,000 for a rotary mower/conditioner, $5,500 for a 10-foot rake, $35,000 for the baler and $55,000 for an adequate-sized tractor.

How much can a 25 hp tractor lift?

The rule of thumb on pulled loads is the load should not exceed 1.5 times the amount of weight of the pulling vehicle. This means the 25 horsepower 1025R can handle a towed load of approximately 3,100 lbs and the 3025D can handle nearly 5,200 lbs.

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