What size tractor do I need for 5 acres?

Subcompact tractors typically have between 25 and 35 hp engines and are excellent for use on properties between 5 and 10 acres. Compact tractors typically have between 35 and 50 hp engines and are the right choice for properties between 10 and 20 acres.

Do you need a tractor for 5 acres?

As a commercial machine that would have a lot of life left. Whether you need a (small, compact) tractor to maintain 5 acres of land will be based on what you plan on doing with that land.

Which tractor is best for 5 acres?

Choosing the Best Farm Tractors for 5, 10, 15 Acres

  • John Deere Tractors.
  • New holland Tractors.
  • Kubota Tractors.
  • Mccormick Tractors.
  • Claas Tractors.
  • Mahindra Tractors.
  • Escorts Tractor.
  • Kioti Tractor.

What size tractor do I need for 10 acres?

Having 10 acres could mean having a large produce garden for a roadside stand, horses, or a few cows. Or it could include a woodlot used for harvesting firewood or a larger maple sugaring operation. This is when buying a larger compact or utility tractor of at least 35 hp will make the most sense.

What size tractor do I need for 7 acres?

Something 5-10 years old with 30-40 hp and an FEL should be all you need for just 7 acres.

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How big of a tractor do I need for 3 acres?

3 Acres or More: For an extra large lawn, you need a garden tractor with a 46 to 54 inches deck and an 18 to 24 horsepower engine.

What is the best small tractor for the money?

Here are five of the best sub compact tractors for sale on the market today, whether you drive them off the lot or order direct.

  1. John Deere 1025R. Nothing runs like a Deere, as the old saying goes. …
  2. Kubota BX1880. …
  3. Mahindra eMax 20S HST. …
  4. New Holland Workmaster 25S. …
  5. Massey Ferguson GC1723EB.

What size tractor do I need for 12 acres?

Re: Tractor for my 12 Acre Horse Farm

Having parts close by is handy when you are working. Buy a 25-32 horse power tractor. Buy one with a front end loader and 4 wheel drive. Hydrostatic transission make handling much easier.

What size tractor do I need for 40 acres?

You could probably get by with as little as 20-25, but would be better off with 25-35, even 40. That would give you HP flexibility to bail your own hay down the road.

Is a subcompact tractor enough?

Because of a subcompact tractor’s reduced frame size, it’s small enough to maneuver inside buildings (allowing you to use a loader to clean out stables or stalls). … A backhoe attachment can be purchased for subcompact tractors, and they are a great tool for some very tough jobs.

Is a 35 hp tractor enough?

100 to 150 Horsepower

Talk about serious power! … For mowing your yard and doing some work with a front-end loader, a tractor with 25 to 35 horsepower might be all you need.

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