What horsepower is a John Deere 2350?

John Deere 2350 Power
PTO (claimed): 55 hp 41.0 kW
Drawbar (tested): 46.66 hp 34.8 kW
PTO (tested): 56.18 hp 41.9 kW
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How many horsepower is a 2350?

It is a 3.9 L, 3,917 cm2, (239.0 cu·in) four-cylinder natural aspirated diesel engine with 106.0 mm (4.17 in) of the cylinder bore and 110.0 mm (4.33 in) of the piston stroke.

John Deere 2350 Specifications.

General Specifications
Model John Deere 2350
Horsepower 61.9 PS (45.5 kW; 61.0 HP) at 2,500 rpm
Starter Electric

How many horsepower is a John Deere 2400?

This V-twin engine offers 14.2-kW (19-hp) gross power (per SAE J1995 at 3600 rpm) for plenty of power while operating in a wide range of conditions, including verticutting.

What year is a 2350 John Deere?


Make: John Deere Model: 2350 Years Made: 1983-1986
HP-Range: 56 Engine-Make: JD Engine-Fuel: DIESEL
Engine-Cyl(s)-CID: 4/239 Transmission-STD: CM Optional: SM&P
Fwd/Rev Standard: 8/4 Fwd/Rev Optional: 16 8 12/8 4 8 Mfwd-Std/Opt: OPT
Tires-Std Front: 7.50-16 Tires-Std Rear: 16.9-30 Wheelbase-Inch: 89.2

How many horsepower is a John Deere 2940?

John Deere 2940

John Deere 2940 Power
Drawbar (claimed): 68 hp 50.7 kW
PTO (claimed): 82 hp 61.1 kW
Drawbar (tested): 64.18 hp 47.9 kW
PTO (tested): 81.17 hp 60.5 kW

How much can a John Deere 790 lift?

John Deere 790 Attachments

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John Deere 70 Loader
Height (to pin): 77 inches 195 cm
Breakout force (bucket): 1,570 lbs 712 kg
Lift to full height (at pin): 755 lbs 342 kg
Bucket capacity: 0.17 cu yd 0.1 cu m

How much does a John Deere 790 tractor weight?

John Deere 790

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 60.4 inches 153 cm
Weight: 1930 to 2105 pounds
Front tire: 6.00-12
Rear tire: 12.4-16

What year is my John Deere tractor?

The 8th digit of the tractor identification number corresponds to the tractor’s model year. To determine the model year, locate the 8th digit of your identification number and compare it to the appropriate table below. The 8th digit of the number is 1.

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