What are the different methods of traditional rainwater harvesting?

Some examples of traditional rainwater harvesting include qanats, contour-bench terracing, spate irrigation, khuskhaba system, rooftop rainfall collection and cisterns. Traditional methods may have a few challenges to overcome, but they have proven to be sustainable over long time periods.

What are the different methods of traditional rain water harvesting?

Traditional Methods of Rainwater Harvesting

Region Water Harvesting Structure
Jammu Region Ponds
Tamil Nadu Eris (Tanks)
Kerala Surangams
Karnataka Kattas

What is the traditional method of water storage?

Johads, one of the oldest systems used to conserve and recharge ground water, are small earthen check dams that capture and store rainwater. Constructed in an area with naturally high elevation on three sides, a storage pit is made by excavating the area, and excavated soil is used to create a wall on the fourth side.

Which of the following is not a traditional water harvesting system?

Sargam is not an ancient water harvesting structure. Kattas were the temporary check dams that were built across the streams and rivers to conserve water for summer irrigation, commonly in the districts of Kerala and Karnataka.

What is khadin system of water harvesting?

A Khadin, also called a Dhora, is an ingenious construction designed to harvest surface runoff water for agriculture. … This water is held back by the bund and saturates the soil in the Khadin area. Excess water is released from by a sluice or spillway and then crops are grown in the moist soil.

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Is the traditional method of harvesting?

Whether traditional or modern methods are used, the harvesting process basically consists of four steps: The taproots are cut and the plants are pulled (lifted) from the ground with the attached pods. Under traditional methods, the plants are cured (dried) in the field for up to 4-6 weeks before threshing.

What are the traditional and modern system of harvesting rainwater?

storage in tanks for reuse or recharge. ❱ By taking rooftop rainwater directly into the ground by drain pipes, dug well or Sunk for water pump. ❱ By taking rain water directly into pond & tanks.

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