What are compact tractors used for?

Moving feed, hay, and cleaning out stalls or pens are common tasks that a Compact Tractor and loader attachment can tackle. These tractors provide the added feature of being small enough to fit through gates or other tight areas. Gravel or dirt roads require maintenance, especially after heavy storms.

What is a compact utility tractor used for?

A compact utility tractor is a popular and indispensable tool for many small farmers, serious gardeners and homeowners. Its size and versatility make it the ideal choice for completing tasks such as mowing, material handling, soil work and general landscape maintenance.

What is the difference between compact and subcompact tractors?

A subcompact tractor typically uses a two- to three-cylinder diesel engine with 15 to 25 horsepower, while a compact tractor usually has a three- to four-cylinder diesel engine with 25 to 45 horsepower. … Subcompact tractors have the versatility of a larger tractor on a smaller frame.

How long is a compact tractor?

Easy Size Chart

Prefix/Type TX – Subcompact TS – Compact
Tractor Weight (min.) none 1800 lbs
Typical Tractor Rear Wheel Size less than 30″ 30″ to 36″
Typical Tractor Width less than 48″ 42″ to 54″
Typical Tractor in this Category* TYM T194 Kubota BX series John Deere 1 family TYM T264 Kubota B series John Deere 2 family

Can you mow lawn with tractor?

Sure you can mow with larger tractors and very nicely. Though the bigger you get, the more impact the machine will have on the land. Since you point out that a perfect lawn isn’t a requirement, I would be looking at a small CUT (although one might also make an argument for a sub-CUT).

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How fast can you mow with a sub-compact tractor?

I just don’t want to spend a lot of time mowing. Looking a the Kubotas the top speed is around 11 to 12 mph. The ZTR also goes about 10 mph and in alot of areas I was able to mow that fast.

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