Question: How much does a 40 hp tractor weight?

For models under 40 hp, these weights range from 1,485 to 3,950 lbs, offering 16.2 to 35.1 PTO hp to drive a variety of implements and attachments.

How much does a 40 hp Kubota tractor weight?

Kubota L4150

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 76.4 inches 194 cm
Weight: 3750 to 4080 pounds
Front tire: 6.50-16
Rear tire: 14.9-28

How much does a 50hp tractor weigh?

John Deere 50 Dimensions

Wheelbase: 90 inches 228 cm
Width: 86.625 inches 220 cm
Height: 59.825 inches 151 cm
Operating weight: 4855 lbs 2202 kg *
Ballasted weight: 5439 lbs 2467 kg *

How much does a 45 hp Kubota tractor weigh?

This model has a hydrostatic cab and weighs a total of 3975 pounds. View specifications below. The L5030 tractor has a category 1 three point hitch and a pto rated with 49.5 hp.

Is 40 hp enough for a tractor?

40 horse is big enough that the hydro will limit the power you get to the ground. 40 hp is not big enought. Go to a 60 to 80 hp.

How heavy is a combine?

On average, the S670 weighs approximately 1400 kg (3000 lb) or 7 percent more than the 9770 STS.

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General combine configuration MY2011 9770 STS S670
Steer tires: 28L-26 12 Ply R1 X
Approximate weight 17,200 kg (38,000 lb) 18,600 kg (41,000 lb)

How heavy is a tractor in tons?

That’s particularly true because the average 44-tonne high-roof/full-width sleeper cab tractor now weighs around 8.5 tonnes – with some closer to nine – not least thanks to heavier emission-control systems and all the paraphernalia they involve.

How heavy is a small tractor?

Sub-Compact tractors are the most popular size tractors sold in North America. These tractors are 4wd, 20-25 horsepower and weigh between 1,400 and 1,600 lbs (tractor only). Tractors in this class can operate most 4′ implements and have a loader lift capacity of less than 1,000 lb.

How much does a 60 hp tractor weight?

John Deere 60 Dimensions

Weight (shipping): 5,300 lbs [2404 kg]
Weight (operating): 5,800 lbs [2630 kg]
Weight (ballasted): 7,400 lbs [3356 kg]
Wheelbase: 90 inches [228 cm]
Length: 139 inches [353 cm]

How much weight can a small Kubota lift?

The Kubota L2501 Compact Tractor engineered with The LA525 Front Loader. It has a specially designed curved boom that can handle the big tasks that the L2501 is made for, providing a lifting capacity of 1131 lbs. (at pivot pin) and maximum lift height of 94.3″, as well as exceptional durability.

How much does a 35 hp tractor weigh?

Two-post ROPS.

Kubota L3540.

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 71.1 inches 180 cm
Weight: 3296 to 3395 pounds
Front tire: 7.2-16
Rear tire: 12.4-24
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