Is a Ford 641 Workmaster a good tractor?

It is a great running little tractor, and I didn’t get hurt on the price (the tractor has new tires, brakes, clutch, distributor), but it looks like it has a lot less power than I had thought it would have.

How many horsepower is a Ford 641 Workmaster?

Ford 641

Ford 641 Power
Engine (gross): 48.4 hp 36.1 kW
Belt (claimed): 32 hp 23.9 kW
Plows: 2 (14-inch)
Drawbar (tested): 29.82 hp 22.2 kW

Does a Ford 641 Workmaster have a live PTO?

The 641 model did not have live PTO from the factory, only the 661 Workmaster had live PTO from factory.

What years was the Ford 641 tractor made?

Replacing the Ford 640, the 641 was an agricultural tractor that Ford produced between 1957 and 1962 in Highland Park, Michigan. It was also available as an orchard tractor, the 641-21.

What is live pto on a Ford tractor?

A live PTO works with the use of a two-stage clutch. Pressing the clutch half-way will disengage the transmission while pressing it fully will disengage the transmission and the PTO. This allows the operator to slow down or change gears while the PTO is still operating.

Does 8n have live pto?

Supporting Member. One disadvantage of the Ford N’s was, they are not Live pto and Live hydraulic. When you push the clutch in, they stop. The mower stops mowing and if it was raised, it lowers to the ground.

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Does a Ford 600 tractor have a live pto?

It doesn’t have a live pto. You will need an overrun clutch on equipment such as a rotary mower or the mower will push you forward. A live pto is the same on any tractor.

Does Ford 601 have live pto?

It does have live hydro but does not have live pto. It has four forward gears..

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