How much horsepower is needed to run a square baler?

Most standard square balers on the market require 35 horsepower at your tractor’s PTO, and a minimum tractor weight of around 3000 pounds. That means that they cannot be run with today’s compact tractors.

How much horsepower do I need to pull a baler?

Older balers can be run with as little as 25 hp. The problem is stopping them coming down a hill or pulling them up a hill. 40-50 hp is much easier. Just 3 days of sun, that’s all I need.

How much horsepower does a small square baler need?

40 PTO hp is good for most small square balers, 60 PTO hp is good for most small round balers. In either case, you need to be looking at utility size tractors, I wouldn’t trust the drive line of a compact tractor for much baling.

How many HP does it take to run a 3×3 baler?

Key Specs

Bale 80×90 cm 3×3 ft
Machine – Width 2.76 m 9.1 ft
Machine – Height 2.7 m 8.9 ft
Machine – Weight 7,700 kg 16,975 lb
Minimum tractor requirement 86 kW 115 PTO hp – no Pre-Cutter 97 kW 130 PTO hp – with Pre-Cutter
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What size tractor do I need for a large square baler?

Like farmerjay said, if you are going to run it yourself and be smart, your 7600 will do the trick. If you are going to have anyone else do it, go a lot bigger. My book recommends 180hp minimum with the cutter option on the baler, and I’d go 200-225 if I was upgrading my tractor.

How much horsepower do you need to run a Haybine?

being sensible here– you need at least 50 hp + a tractor with good brakes to do the job safely. I run a 488 with a series 4 D17 Ac diesel loaded rear tires and still get pushed around some on the steep hills.

How much fuel does a 100 hp tractor use?

On the same basis, a 100 hp gasoline tractor uses 100 / 9.0 or 11.1 gal/hr, and an LP gas tractor, 100 / 7.5 or 13.3 gal/hr.

How many hp tractor do I need to run a round baler?

If you are buying a baler first, keep horsepower requirements in mind when pairing with a tractor. PTO horsepower requirements for round balers start at 30 hp and can run up to 120 hp. There are a couple of different options when it comes to bale size in balers.

What kind of tractor do you need for hay?

If you have a very low power tractor of 15 horsepower or less, this option will really be your only choice. Though there are very small drum mowers, if you have an older compact utility tractor like a Kubota 5000 or 6000 series, a sickle bar mower will be your best bet.

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What size tractor do I need to lift round bales?

If you want to move 5×5′ round bales, realistically you’re looking at a 5 series tractor. The size also makes them good for working in the woods, as they have great ground clearance and enough mass to remain more stable than some smaller tractors.

How much does a 3x4x8 bale of alfalfa weigh?

The 3x4x8 foot bales seem to weigh 1100-1300 lbs.

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