How many tractors were sold in the US in 2018?

Data from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) in the US indicates that 96,736 tractors were sold there in the first five months of this year. The figures refer to the period from January to May (inclusive) of 2018. That tally is up slightly (5%) from a figure of 91,154 for the same period of 2017.

How many tractors were sold in the US in 2019?

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ (AEM) latest agriculture tractor and combine report shows an increase in overall sales in 2019. Total U.S. farm tractor sales grew 3.6% to 244,637 units, while self-propelled combines declined 0.7% to 4,807, a decline of 32 units for the year.

How many tractors are sold in the US?

In 2014, for example, 235,000 tractors were sold in North America (US and Canada). The figure is believed to have contracted slightly since then. In the same year, 55,000 tractors were sold in Brazil (about one third of which were over 100hp).

How many tractors are in the USA?

There are approximately 4.2 million tractors on farms and ranches across the United States. The average age of tractors is over 25 years and some of the oldest models are the most popular.

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How many combines are in the US?

The USDA reported in the 2017 survey of equipment on farms that there are currently 323,347 combines on farms in the US. This number is a testament to this amazing machine’s utility.

How many combines are made each year?

Overall tractor sales were close to 236,000, a 6.9 increase from 2017. Some of the most dramatic changes occurred at year-end: Self-propelled combines increased dramatically from 475 in December 2017 to 616 in 2018 (a 29.7 percent increase).

What is the most reliable tractor brand?

Most Reliable Tractor Brands in North America

  1. Deere and Company. Bearing a distinctive green color for generations, John Deere is a reliable tractor brand with tractors in the 22 HP to 640 HP range. …
  2. New Holland. …
  3. Case IH. …
  4. Kubota. …
  5. Massey Ferguson. …
  6. Fendt.

What is the best tractor brand 2020?

Winner of the Tractor of the Year 2020 award was the Fendt 942 Vario. The new 942 series for the first time reaches more than 400 hp (298.3 kW). This model impressed the jury also for the level of connectivity it offers which permits full remote control of several functions.

Are there any American made tractors?

So, let’s find out the top 7 American made tractor brands in this article below.

1. John Deere.

Type Model series Horsepower
Utility 5, 6 series 45-250 HP
Specialty Low Clearance, High Clearance and Narrow 75-155 HP
Row Crop 6 series, 7R series, 8R/8RT series 140-400 HP
4WD 9R/9RT/9RX 370-620 HP
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