How fast can you pull a baler?

I pull mine all the time at 50 mph if the road is good.

How fast can you tow a baler?

I pull mine all the time at 50 mph if the road is good. Vermeer 605 SM. I probably have a extra 1000 lbs in pickup usually.

How fast can you drive with a square baler?

Actually most balers pick up the hay best at 3 mph. Build a windrow that you can bale at 3 mph.

How many HP does it take to pull a round baler?

John Deere Baler Horsepower Requirements

Model PTO HP (Minimum)
460 R 65 hp
560M / 560M Silage 75 hp
560R 75 hp
450M MegaWide™ HC 80 hp

How many bales is a lot for a round baler?

Most round balers can easily get 6 or 7000 bales before breaking even one belt, and most round balers can put through at least 30,000 bales before needing complete belt replacement.

How fast can you round bale hay?

Bale about 4.5-5.5 mph. 2-12′ windrows raked together on first cut, the.

What are precut knives on a baler?

How does a pre-cutting system work? Balers with pre-cutting systems use knives to cut the forage before it forms into a bale. This is done with a rotor placed behind the pickup, pulling the crop over a set of knives and into the bale chamber.

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