How does a round baler tie?

How does a hay baler tie the twine?

As the bill hook turns, it forms a loop of twine around the hook and the jaw opens to receive the twine. The knife also advances, ready to cut the twine between the bill hook and the disk. At this stage the needle begins to recede, leaving twine in the disk, which will be held there for the next knot.

How do hay bales stay together?

Farmers have three choices of materials to wrap bales – twine, net wrap, or plastic wrap. Unlike gift wrap, the choice isn’t just about presentation. It’s about baling efficiency and storage. If properly baled and stored, hay can last a long time without degrading in quality.

How long will a round baler last?

most balers can last 10 to that is with routine maintence. the custom balers put 10,000 to 12.0000 through them in 1 or 2yrs.

Do round balers have Knotters?

Don’t round balers have knotters similar to square balers.

Why do farmers leave rolls of hay in the field?

The reason they are in empty fields is that because of their good keeping qualities, you can bale them up and then just leave them where the baler spat them out until you need them – so reduces handling and storage.

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Why do farmers wrap hay bales?

Most farmers seem to have their preference on moisture levels. … Bales at lower moisture may have little to no fermentation, but wrapping protects them from spoiling. On the other hand, moisture levels too high can cause clostridial fermentation with resulting high levels of butyric acid and ammonia.

Is it worth wrapping dry hay?

Wrapping dry hay allows farmers to protect feed from the weather without building more structures. … Some farmers believe that more layers, up to six, are well worth the extra cost. A thicker barrier is more dependable than a thin one, but more costly.

How many bales does a lot for a round baler?

Most round balers can easily get 6 or 7000 bales before breaking even one belt, and most round balers can put through at least 30,000 bales before needing complete belt replacement.

How much does a new John Deere round baler cost?

By keeping it simple, the baler comes in the affordable range of $21,000 to $22,000. For comparison, the next model in the 9 series lineup – the 459 – starts around $25,000 and goes up to $35,000, depending on the options selected.

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