How does a drum mower work?

What is a drum mower’s uses, and how does it work? Typically, a drum mower is used for hay cutting, not finish or brush mowing. … As a drum mower moves through the field, the drums are rotating toward each other, which causes the cut crop to pass between the drums and be dropped in a windrow behind the mower.

What is the difference between a disc mower and a drum mower?

They’re basically the same thing. The big difference is whether or not they have either conditioning rollers or impellers to help the hay dry faster. Typically a haybine disc mower will have the conditioner as part of the unit. When they talk about drum mowers they are usually just talking about mower itself.

Can you top with a drum mower?

There shouldn’t be any issues using a drum mower for topping. with the simple types you will need to extend the top-link to rock the mower back, this will raise the cutting height.

Are drum mowers good?

The drum mower is a very simple and dependable machine that works well for certain conditions. It can mow at ( for me) higher ground speed than the moco and it mows just as well in wet or damp conditions as it does with dry forage.

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Are drum mowers better than disc mowers?

Drum mowers are easily the most rugged of the hay mower types. … A drum mower can be run at even higher speeds than a disc mower, and double the speed of a sickle bar.

Can you mow hay with a flail mower?

If you’re talking about a flail cutter, like New Idea or MC made, they’re basically a chopper that drops the hay back on the ground. That’s probably the most aggressive tool you can use for cutting hay.

How fast can you mow with a Haybine?

I’m going to assume its a haybine, as there are not too many 16ft discbines out there yet. As stated above, set your tractor to 16 ft and go. You will have the ability to adjust the machine a little in or out from there. There are alot of factors, but for starters, but figure to be cutting around 4 -5 mph.

What’s the difference between topping and mowing?

Mown grass ferments because it’s been chopped up into lots of little pieces. Fermented/fermenting grass, as others have said, is a sure fire route to colic. Topped grass – longer pieces – tends to just dry.

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