How do you change a starter on a John Deere 318?

How do you remove the starter on a John Deere 318?

How do I Remove a Starter From a John Deere 318?

  1. Remove the 4 bolts that attach the hood to the tractor, using a wrench tool.
  2. Remove the side engine covers. …
  3. Disconnect the negative battery cable first, then the other cables may be disconnected. …
  4. Unplug and remove the 2 plugs on the harness that is connected to the motor.

Where is the starter on a John Deere tractor?

When this happens, you can replace the starter with a new one.

  1. Raise the hood on your John Deere garden tractor. …
  2. Disconnect the negative (black) battery cable form the battery terminal. …
  3. Locate the starter motor on the bottom side of the engine block.

How do I start my lawn mower with a bad starter?

Attach a jumper cable from the large lug where the engine starter cable and other lugs connect to the battery cable. Finally, rotate the ignition keys of the lawn mower. If it just clicks without starting the lawn mower, you may need to replace the solenoid.

How do you test a John Deere starter?

Connect one end of a jumper wire from the battery’s positive terminal, and touch the small lug on the engine starter solenoid that is marked S with the other end to test the starter ignition switch. If the engine starter motor turns over or runs then the starter ignition switch is faulty and requires replacement.

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How do you test a tractor starter?

How do you test a tractor starter motor?

  1. Check the connections. The first thing to check is the connections.
  2. Check the engine grounds. …
  3. Check the starter solenoid’s wire.
  4. Check for corrosion.
  5. Tapping the starter with a hammer.
  6. Jump-start the car.
  7. Bypass the starter relay.
  8. Push start the car.

How do you fix a John Deere starter?

How to Troubleshoot a John Deere Starter

  1. Check the battery. You want to check this before you check the starter because the battery supplies power to the starter and, if the battery is dead, the starter won’t respond. …
  2. Check the wiring connections on the starter and the starter relay. …
  3. Check the fuse.
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