How do I adjust the handle on my lawn mower?

How do you lower the handle on a lawn mower?

Adjust Deck Height

Place the mower on a level surface. Locate the lever handles between each wheel and the mower deck. Pull up on one lever handle, and push the handle toward the wheel. Move the handle up or down to adjust the height of the deck.

How much is a lawn mower pull cord?

The cost of a pull cord repair is $19.95 which includes the replacement rope. Additional parts, if needed, will be charged separately.

What is a lawn mower handle made of?

Made from vinyl plastic & rubber foam materials, grips & sleeves cover the long bar handles of lawn movers, giving comfort to the user’s hands by helping to reduce the vibration of the motor.

How does the safety handle on a lawn mower work?

The safety switch stops the engine when you release the control bar on the handle, by stopping the ignition coil from sparking; it also has a brake pad to slow the flywheel. If the switch isn’t working, the ignition coil won’t spark the spark plug, and the lawn mower won’t start.

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