How are olives harvested in Italy?

Unlike many fruits, olives are removed from the tree by shaking rather than picking. … The harvest begins by setting large nets that look very much like fishing nets on the ground below the olive trees, a few at a time.

How did olives get to Italy?

Olive trees where introduced in Italy, specifically Sicily, through the movements and expansion of the Greek diaspora around 800 Be. Once Greek control dwindled and the Mediterranean came under the Roman Empire olive oil production took hold in Italy.

What is an olive farmer called?

In normal English, most people would use the term “olive grower” or “olive producer”, maybe “olive farmer”.

Why are olive trees dying in Italy?

Today, olive trees keep dying in the millions, and the reason is something we’re all familiar with: an epidemic. The culprit is Xylella fastidiosa, one of the most dangerous plant bacteria in the world.

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