Frequent question: Why do tractor trailers have flaps on the back?

The panels under the body of the truck are called aerodynamic panel skirts, side panels, or side skirts. The panels that hang off the back are often called rear tail fairings, trailer tails, or sometimes boat tails. Whatever you call them, their purpose is to reduce drag and save fuel.

Why do semi trucks have wings on the back?

At highway speed there is normally a low pressure area behind the truck, called the Draft, which pulls backward on the truck at the same time it pulls forward on a following vehicle. Those “wings” direct air into the draft to reduce the pressure drop, which reduces the rearward pull on the truck.

What are the little doors on the back of tractor trailers for?

Known as a “vent door,” when left open it provides the circulation of air to flow throughout the trailer. If the door is left open, the trailer is likely empty and is being “aired out.” The “vent door” helps combat the potential for mold and mildew to grow inside.

What are the flaps on trucks for?

The primary purpose of mud guards is to protect the vehicles on the road from mud, rocks, water, and other hazards. Hanging the flaps behind a vehicle’s rear tires can prevent the wheels from kicking up debris that could fly into other cars on the road and cause damage or unsafe conditions.

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What is a semi without a trailer called?

A semi-truck without an attached trailer at a given time is known as a “Bobtail truck” or said to be “Bobtailing.” It’s difficult to imagine trucking without Bobtailing.

Why do refrigerated trucks have small doors?

The small rectangular doors on refrigerated (reefer) units serve multiple purposes. They provide an easy way to check the interior temperature of the trailer when the doors are shut and also provide ventilation for loads that have high heat of respiration (such as produce).

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