Frequent question: What is the meaning of post harvest losses?

1.1 What is postharvest loss? Postharvest loss can be defined as the degradation in both quantity and quality of a food production from harvest to consumption. Quality losses include those that affect the nutrient/caloric composition, the acceptability, and the edibility of a given product.

What is the meaning of post-harvest?

: occurring after a harvest reducing postharvest losses also : used following a harvest postharvest fungicide.

How do you prevent post-harvest loss?

Losses can be minimized by physically avoiding the entry of insects and rodents, and maintaining the environmental conditions that avoid growth of microorganisms. The knowledge of control points during harvesting and drying before storage can help in reducing losses during the storage of cereals.

What is the importance of post harvest?

Importance of Post-harvest technology lies in the fact that it has the capability to meet food requirement of growing population by eliminating losses making more nutritive food items from raw commodities by proper processing and fortification. Post-harvest technology has potential to create rural industries.

What are the causes of harvest loss?

Climate and weather conditions, harvesting and handling techniques, packaging, storage and transportation facility, market situation, dust from cement factory, disease and pest animals were recorded as major causes for post-harvest loss.

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How much post-harvest fruits and vegetables are lost?

However, generally, about 30 % fruits and vegetables are rendered unfit for consumption due to spoilage after harvesting. This is a huge loss of valuable food even when the minimum food requirement of the population is not met.

What are the causes of postharvest losses?

Causes of post-harvest loss in this stage include limited availability of suitable varieties for processing, lack of appropriate processing technologies, inadequate commercialization of new technologies and lack of basic infrastructure, inadequate facilities and infrastructure, and insufficient promotion of processed …

What is the major benefits of post-harvest management?

Proper management of post-harvest systems can serve as a major help in resolving various social and economic issues. A significant decrease in post-harvest loss can alleviate food insecurity all over the world. Simultaneously, food safety can be ensured by protecting commodities from mold growth and contamination.

How can we reduce post harvest losses of fruits and vegetables?

6 Tips To Avoid Postharvest Losses

  1. Assess Maturity. …
  2. Check Your Water Quality. …
  3. Check Your Water Temperature. …
  4. Avoid Injury. …
  5. Keep Your Produce Cool. …
  6. Proper Storage.
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