Can you die in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?

A Wonderful Life features new characters and bachelorettes, as well as an entirely new town. It is the only Harvest Moon game in the series to date where people visibly age around you, your child grows into an adult, and the main player can die.

How long are seasons in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?

There are 4 seasons in a year, with each season lasting 30 days in most cases.

Who can you marry in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?

There are 3 women who you can get married in this instalment. They are: Celia, Muffy and Nami. Celia being the easiest, Muffy average and Nami hardest.

Who dies in Harvest Moon?

Nina is one of only three non-playable characters in the Harvest Moon series to die in game, along with Ellen in Harvest Moon 64 and Eda from Story of Seasons. In Another Wonderful Life, an extra scene was added where she has a race against the turtle by Turtle Pond.

How do you befriend tartan?

To befriend Tartan you must talk to him for one (real time) hour, but you don’t have to befriend him in one sitting. You can easily put aside a small piece of your day devoted to befriending Tartan (maybe 5-10 minutes), and after several days you will likely have befriended him.

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How do I marry Nami?

Because you need to get 21 points in order to marry Nami, you need to give her a gift everyday from Fall 1 until the end of the year, but you also need to activate a heart event. There is only 1 heart event that appears in the run, which happens a few days after you get 1 red heart.

How do you start Harvest Moon a wonderful life?

Getting Started

  1. Purchase a Hoe from the Ledger as well as some seeds from Vesta in your first day, leaving at least 1000 G in reserve. …
  2. Plant the crops that you purchased as soon as your Hoe arrives, remembering to water them twice a day.

How long does winter last in harvest town?

Fruit Trees

Name Season Growth Time
Tangerine Spring Summer 15 Days (Every 5 Days)
Mango Summer Autumn 15 Days (Every 5 Days)
Pear Summer Autumn 15 Days (Every 5 Days)
Apple Autumn Winter 15 Days (Every 5 Days)
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