Can you adjust the drive belt on a Craftsman riding mower?

Blade drive belts on Craftsman lawn mowers are not designed to be be adjusted and there is no mechanism for adjusting them. Instead, the manufacturer recommends replacing a loose belt with a new one.

How do you adjust the drive belt on a Craftsman riding lawn mower?

Turn the adjustment bolt on the side, top or bottom of the pulley counterclockwise with the ratchet and socket until the accessory belt is loose enough to remove. Tighten the tensioner pulley by turning the adjustment bolt clockwise with the ratchet and socket until the belt is tight.

Why does my drive belt keep coming off my riding mower?

The drive belt may come off a riding mower because it is damaged or loose. … If broken or worn, the belt can break while the engine runs, and it can fly off at a great velocity, which is highly dangerous. Check the belt for looseness, cracks, fraying or separation from the rest of the assembly, and replace if necessary.

How tight should riding mower belt be?

How tight should riding mower belt be? It should be tight but not TOO tight. You should start by tightening it as tight as an alternator belt. It actually takes a little practice to get the right measurement.

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How long is the drive belt on a Craftsman riding mower?

Drive Belt

Craftsman mowers have primary and secondary drive belts. Both belts range between 42 to 50 inches long, depending on the mower’s model.

What does a drive belt do on a lawn mower?

In the lawnmower application, the drive belt transfers the radial torque of the engine shaft to the input shaft of the transmission, which then is powered to turn and perform the function of the lawnmower: propelling the mower forward and spinning the blade.

How do you tighten a belt tension?

How to Loosen a Belt Tensioner

  1. Park the vehicle on level ground and open the hood.
  2. Locate the belt tensioner on the front of the engine. …
  3. Rotate the pulley on the belt tensioner counterclockwise to relieve the tension of the belt with the proper sized socket and ratchet.

How do you know if your drive belt is loose?

A loose drive belt will often be noisy, squeaking a bit, or emitting a high-pitched squeal. The most obvious sign of a loose drive belt, though, is in its appearance and tension. A loose belt, simply stated, looks and feels loose.

When should I replace my riding mower belt?

There’s no definite amount of time that a mower belt is supposed to last, but increased mower use shortens the interval in which a belt needs replacement. Simply put, more use equals more wear. Additionally, faulty belts or mechanical failures like a seized pulley can make lawn mower belts break prematurely.

What is the difference between a deck belt and drive belt?

deck belts usually last about 1/2 the time a drive belt does they also get more debris around the pulleys and take much more punishment than drive belts.

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