Best answer: What is the best lawn mower for hilly terrain?

What is the best lawn mower for steep hills?

Honda is one of the best lawn mowers for steep banks using less gas than other models. It is easy to start due to its GCV160 engine. Honda comes with a fast accelerating smart drive, micro-cutting blade, and other helpful features. This model has a variable speed that mows the lawn fast enough.

Which mower is best for cutting uneven or hilly terrain?

5 Best Mower for Uneven Grounds & Rough Terrains

  • EARTHQUAKE 28463 M205 Trimmer. Top 3 Features.
  • GreenWorks G-MAX DigiPro Mower. Top 3 Features.
  • Lawn-Boy 17730 High Wheel Push Lawn Mower. Top 3 Features:
  • Husqvarna Z254 Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower. Top 3 Features.
  • Craftsman T225 Gas Powered Riding Lawn Mower.

Are Zero Turn Mowers better on hills?

Zero turn mowers use versatile caster wheels in the front to maneuver quickly around the lawn, especially if you have curved garden edges or walkways. … However, zero turn mowers can run into trouble on hills, particularly steeper ones, says the Consumer Reports website.

What is the steepest slope you can mow?

Mowing steep slopes can also be dangerous when people are not careful since mowers can topple over. AS Motor explains that standard walk-behind mowers are usually good up to a 20-degree incline, and riding mowers will work safely up to 15 degrees.

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What is the most reliable brand of lawn mower?

What are the best lawn mower brands? The most trusted lawn mower brands, in order, were John Deere, Craftsman, Honda, Toro, Troy-Bilt, Husqvarna, Black+Decker, Snapper, Cub Cadet, and Ryobi. John Deere received the best reviews and trust ratings among the most popular garden equipment brands as judged by consumers.

How do you mow a steep hill with a tractor?

Go Slow. Moving slowly and steadily is key to mowing a slope safely. Running the lawn tractor at a high speed can cause you to lose control of the machine. Drive the lawn tractor at a low speed so you can approach the hill slowly without shifting gears while on the slope.

Are zero-turn mowers bad on hills?

Zero-turn mowers are more comfortable, as their design incorporates a large, padded pilot’s seat that’s easy on the body. Drawbacks of zero-turn mowers include reduced stability. Operators should not attempt to operate these mowers on slopes greater than 10 degrees.

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