Best answer: How old can you drive a tractor on the road?

Additionally, there are no age requirements; however, in some states youngsters under the age of sixteen who are working away from their parents’ own farm need to have certification for operating farm equipment in the fields or on the highways.

Can a 17 year old drive a tractor on the road?

Practising driving a tractor or specialist vehicle

You can get a provisional licence for a tractor or specialist vehicle at 16, but you cannot practise driving them on the road until you’re 17. … You must be accompanied by a qualified driver if the vehicle was made with a passenger seat. Removing a seat is not allowed.

Nobody under the age of 16 years is permitted to drive a vehicle on the road. However, between the ages of 13 and 16, a young person can legally drive a tractor during agricultural, horticultural or forestry field operations. Tractors must be fitted with an enclosed, approved safety cab.

Can kids drive tractors on the road?

A child does not need a license to drive a tractor on the road. However, hopefully you have trained him or her how to drive safely, how to make signals and how to judge speeds of oncoming vehicles. The law does not require a license to drive a tractor, and there is no minimum age requirement to do so.

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Can a 16 year old drive a gator on the road?

Member. Yes most defiantly, but may be frowned apon when caught roaring round town as I’m sure it should be used for ag related work. We’ve got a Landy on ag license and red diesel, 16 year olds can drive that on the road, as long as within the ag restriction.

How far can I drive a tractor on the road?

There is no set distance limit on how far a tractor can travel so long as it fulfills the criteria above. However, an agricultural tractor is defined as one which cannot exceed 25mph. As this high-speed tractor will travels at speeds greater than 25mph it may not fit the classification of an agricultural tractor.

Do you need to take a test to drive a tractor?

The F category is automatically acquired when a car driving test is passed – it is an entitlement that that is linked to the car category B. With a category B licence a driver gets the entitlement to drive a car and also gets the entitlement to drive a tractor. Take a stand-alone tractor test.

Can a 9 year old drive a tractor?

The law today is found in the Prevention of Accidents to Children in Agriculture Regulations 1998. Under these regulations it is illegal for children under the age of 13 years to either drive or ride on any agricultural machine.

Can a 16 year old carry a passenger in a tractor?

Do not allow a child between 13 and 16 to ride in a tractor cab unless: it has a properly designed and fitted passenger seat with a seat belt which is properly adjusted and worn; it has a safety cab or frame; and. the operation being carried out presents no risk to the child.

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Can you drive a tractor without a Licence?

Agricultural tractors require a category F licence to drive on the public road. … Other, non-tractor agricultural motor vehicles require a category B licence, and you must also be over 21 years old to drive these.

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